"Kurt Cobain inspired me not to kill myself. I would rather live a miserable life than be worshiped in death as a hero that I am not. I am sick of suicide and depression being romanticized."

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Pharrell and Oprah in tears after showing a video of the world dancing to his hit success ” Happy ” . ♥ 

Terrible este video.

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This is too amazing not to reblog and it also makes me feel sick and ashamed to be a human

No me sorprende.

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Cantidad de veces que dicen Fuck y sus variaciones en The Wolf of Wall Street.

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El rock.

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I just come to realize that we’re only here briefly. And while I’m here, I wanna alow myself joy. So fuck it.

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Este tema <3

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The Virgin Suicides

Estoy enamorado.

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Algo así.

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